Virtual Machines

Core Desktop VM provides a simple and comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that is accompanied by some of the most useful virtual infrastructure tools available today.

What is DaaS?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing service in which the service provider hosts virtual desktop for customers.  As cloud computing continues to fundamentally change the way enterprises do business, A DaaS provider can help IT departments solve the complex challenges of cloud security. They manage the back-end support of data storage, backup, security, upgrades and patches.

An experienced DaaS provider helps with a hosted desktop that can be accessed virtually from anywhere with all the data in the data centre, protected by physical and logical security controls. By keeping all the important and confidential data centralized, behind firewalls and other controls, businesses can have more flexibility without compromising the security.

The right DaaS provider can help IT administrators address security concerns, efficiency requirements and the financial needs of the corporation.

Benefits of Choosing DaaS Providers

DaaS providers can not only help you with virtual desktop solutions but they can also
provide additional services that include:

Greater privacy through the use of desktop cloud sessions.


Using the power of cloud computing to support add-on applications.


Disaster recovery, adding desktop support to DR plans while lowering costs and improving the speed of recovery.


Improved scalability, enabling IT teams to work with virtual desktops quickly and cost-effectively.

Business Benefits

All IaaS plans are charged on a monthly basis with unlimited traffic upload/download and unrestricted admin access. Monthly charges are adjusted to align whenever resources are added or removed. Users receive free training on the Cloud Management (Admin) Console if required.

check-mark-buttonLayer 2 Direct Ethernet/Fibre VPN (Options)

check-mark-buttonUnlimited VMs

check-mark-buttonDynamic Resource Allocation/Scaling

check-mark-buttonUnlimited IP Data/Traffic

check-mark-buttonExternal IP Address(es)

check-mark-buttonVirtual Router, Virtual Firewall, VLANs

check-mark-buttonDedicated Resource Allocation (vCPU, Memory, Storage)

Importing of VM images can be accommodated and conversion between hypervisors coordinated and assisted if required. Microsoft Licensing must be qualified to be ported to the IaaS environment – please check with CORE to determine.

check-mark-buttonComprehensive 24×7 Technical Support

check-mark-buttonGuaranteed Response Times

check-mark-buttonAccess to Knowledgebase

check-mark-buttonUnlimited Email & Phone Support

check-mark-buttonAD / Sys Admin Portal Access and Tools

check-mark-buttonAuto-Generated Resource Reports

check-mark-buttonReal-Time VM and VDI Environmental Controller Access

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