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Hosted Desktop

Core Desktop delivers the latest generation of Hosted Desktop which provides the end user with a Windows 10 Desktop powered by the most recent Windows Server 2019 platform.  The Hosted Desktop includes Microsoft Office 2019 with access to Office 365 Exchange and third party business applications.  Core Desktop has integrated the use of OneDrive and Sharepoint as a replacement for the traditional company File Server.  The environment is a fully managed cloud solution which provides users with access to their corporate Desktop anywhere, anytime securely.

What is IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offers a highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to on-premise hardware and software to organisations looking to match IT resources with demand.  IaaS provide businesses with virtual resources, such as server space, network connections, and IP addresses, to host, build, test, and scale websites and applications.

IaaS enable businesses to scale more easily, match IT resources to business needs, and lessen the pressure on IT staffs without compromising reliability or rapid response times.

Core Desktop can seamlessly transition businesses from on-premise or dedicated datacentre environments to the private cloud realm on Microsoft Azure.

Why Core Desktop

Core Desktop stands out among IaaS companies with over 16 years experience delivering cost-effective, high-performing cloud deployments with intimate knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform. Core Desktop understands how to efficiently deploy virtual servers, storage and memory to ensure businesses have both optimal design and cost management considerations.
Core Desktop enables businesses to

Keep an eye on spending by tying infrastructure needs to business demand.


Outsource maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure to experts and improve overall operational efficiency. Improve performance with guaranteed service levels.


Scale infrastructure more quickly and easily.

Business Benefits


Access your Virtual Desktop from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

check-mark-buttonSimple Monthly Cost:

Easy to track and forecast monthly (per user) cost and no additional costs.

check-mark-buttonSimple Administration:

Add and remove users at will – expand or reduce numbers in minutes.

check-mark-buttonEliminate Servers:

No more servers required in your office – no more capital purchases

check-mark-buttonEliminate Backups:

No more backup drives, tapes, software required and eliminate the data risks


Realise a high ROI and low TCO – gains in financial, performance and risk areas


Access your Virtual Desktop from any device – PC, Mac, iPad, Android

check-mark-buttonExtend Device Life:

Keep and use existing devices – old or new – PC, Mac, Laptop, Workstation, Tablet etc.


Securely Bring-Your-Own-Device – data is not stored locally

check-mark-buttonProtect Data:

Data is kept safe, secure and free of corruption or leak in your Private Cloud

check-mark-buttonLatest Software:

Latest Microsoft Windows and Office versions available to you

check-mark-buttonMicrosoft Exchange:

Get the latest Microsoft Exchange 2013

check-mark-buttonBusiness Applications:

Integrate and access all of your critical business application software

check-mark-buttonSoftware Delivery:

Deploy new software applications easily and select which users should access them


Built-in backup schedules, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Users can self-restore their lost or deleted files quickly and easily

check-mark-buttonData Retention:

Maintain your data for up to 7 years

check-mark-buttonEmail Archiving:

Built-in email archiving

check-mark-buttonPersonal Data Sync:

Sync your files to/from local devices automatically

check-mark-buttonLoad Balancing:

Ensure the user experience is always optimally balanced across all company servers


Built-in Firewall


Included Anti-Virus


Included Anti-Spam with controllable web interface


Supported printing for any local printer


Supported scanning for any local scanner


Guaranteed optimal user experience – every single user session monitored


Support for users 24/7

check-mark-buttonContract Options:

Flexible contract options and no ‘lock-in’ contracts

check-mark-buttonSelf-Service Portal:

Self-service portal enables users to re-set passwords and manage their desktop account

check-mark-buttonAdmin-Service Portal:

Admin-service portal enables manager to control user accounts and Active Directory

check-mark-buttonService Dashboard:

Access to your Server, Resource, Network and Billing information

check-mark-buttonDC Sovereignty:

Data stored in Enterprise-class Data Centres in Australia only

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Desktop as a Service for your Business

Core Desktop leads the way in providing managed ‘Desktop as a Service’ (DaaS) solutions to hundreds of businesses and thousands of individual end users.  Our products make us one of the premier hosted desktop providers in Melbourne with Australia-wide and International coverage. Our ultra-fast cloud and hosted desktop provisioning system means that we can migrate entire local or cloud hosted IT environments to our DaaS platform in days – not weeks or months. Using years of direct experience dealing across all industries and hundreds of different software apps, we create a robust mix of desktop-rich performance, security and interoperability with Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Sharepoint and your 3rd party business applications.

The Core Desktop Hosted Desktop system incorporates many of the traditional IT Managed Services elements into a neat per user, per month service package. Money is never wasted as services and software licensing is added or removed elastically, and little to no investment needs to be made in computer hardware.

Feature-wise, we can commission and decommission users quickly and easily, with auto saving and archiving of all historical data. We can control security groups, permissions and access for you, instantly. We can provision new software icons for those that need them on the spot and dynamically troubleshoot any issues that arise in real time using granular monitoring and management tools.

Additionally, our system is extremely secure, with full encryption, desktop lock downs, multiple levels of firewall protection and adherence to the ASD ISM control standards. Our customers demand a desktop support service provider that is able to deliver from end to end with ongoing innovation and investment in product (technology), platform, security and resources.

Deployment Options

Desktop Local Hybrid Hosted
Microsoft Windows 10 (Server 2019) OPT IaaS providers list
Citrix Anywhere Access (Any Device) OPT IaaS providers list
Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam DaaS providers Desktop as a Service IaaS providers list
Printing and Scanning Compatible DaaS providers Desktop as a Service IaaS providers list
Guaranteed Service Levels DaaS providers Desktop as a Service IaaS providers list
Proactive Maintenance DaaS providers Desktop as a Service IaaS providers list
Personal Data (OneDrive) DaaS providers Desktop as a Service Infrastructure as a service
Shared Data (Sharepoint)  DaaS providers Desktop as a Service Infrastructure as a service
Microsoft Office 2019  DaaS providers OPT Infrastructure as a service
Microsoft Office 365 Exchange (Mailbox)  DaaS providers OPT Infrastructure as a service
Microsoft (Teams, OneNote)  DaaS providers OPT Infrastructure as a service

Hosted Desktop also includes as standard: Remote Printer Mapping,  PDF Creator/Printer, Task Manager, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers, Snipping Tool and Microsoft Accessories.

Data Protection Local Hybrid Hosted
User and Device Security
Office 365 Retention
Remote Backup—7 Year Retention Period  OPT OPT OPT
Technical Support Local Hybrid Hosted
Business Hours Support (8.30am to 5.30pm)
Guaranteed Response Times
Access to Knowledgebase
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Phone Support  
Documentation, Reporting and Tools Local Hybrid Hosted
Real-Time VM and User Session Monitoring OPT
Online Client Portal
Auto-Generated User Reports  
Auto-Generated Group Reports  
Auto-Generated Backup Reports  
Compliance Management Portal (Exchange users)  
Cloud Management Console Access (Virtual Environment) OPT
AD / Sys Admin Portal Access and Tools  
Real-Time VM and VDI Environmental Controller Access OPT OPT

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