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Our Best Selling Product – Desktop

The CORE DaaS system is a fully managed cloud solution that provides a comprehensive list of benefits to business. The CORE Virtual Desktop will out-perform remote server-based solutions while providing coverage for every element of the Enterprise IT environment including simple, granular administration from within the client organisation.

Business Benefits


Access your Virtual Desktop from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

coredesktopSimple Administration:

Add and remove users at will – expand or reduce numbers in minutes.

coredesktopEliminate Backups:

No more backup drives, tapes, software required and eliminate the data risks

coredesktopSimple Monthly Cost:

Easy to track and forecast monthly (per user) cost and no additional costs.

coredesktopEliminate Servers:

No more servers required in your office – no more capital purchases


Realise a high ROI and low TCO – gains in financial, performance and risk areas

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Core Desktop will empower your business to take advantage of every possible
element of the new and exciting realm of cloud computing. Our philosophy is and
always will be about the success of our clients and our ability to keep innovating
and delivering smart solutions for them.